Drinking Coffee Can Help Strengthen our Bones

A new study prepared by researchers from the University of Hong Kong (China) shows that people who consume coffee daily have a higher bone mineral density, that is, stronger bones. Is coffee good or bad for your health? How many cups are recommended to drink a day? Is it good for our bones? If you also ask yourself these questions, pay attention to this new information. There are many coffee detractors, along with people who suggest that it has positive effects on our health.

coffee benefits

Does coffee benefit our body in any way? Some research suggests that people who consume this drink tend to suffer less from certain diseases. A study published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics showed that drinking one cup a day reduces the risk of cirrhosis by 22 per cent.

Another study, which we talked about at Blogthinkibg.com, revealed that coffee can stimulate brown fat to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. What other positive effects can it have? A recent report has shown that drinking coffee on a daily basis leads to higher bone density.

Three Molecules In Coffee To Fight Osteoporosis

The study, led by a team of researchers from the University of Hong Kong (China), has analyzed about 560 adults who had developed osteoporosis. It is a disease of the bones in which there is a loss or reduction in bone mass density, making our bones more fragile and less resistant.

To carry out the analysis, they divided the group of people in two: those who are predisposed to drink coffee on a daily basis and on several occasions, and people who do not consume regularly. Paradoxically, after comparing the bone mineral density of the participants in both groups, the researchers discovered that the group that drank more coffee had a significantly higher density.

The team of researchers was able to identify up to three particular molecules in coffee that help maintain stronger bones.

The correlation between the two cases may not yet be fully identified and more tests have to be performed, but, without a doubt, coffee has positive effects on our health.