How To Download APK Files From Google Play Store

If you want to download apk files from play store then you can choose the evozi apps to download apk files for free. Evozi is a web service through which users can download android from Google Play in the apk format Directly on the computer (or device) supplied. We bring you an interesting tutorial, another one, to be able to download the free APKs of applications, games, etc. that you want and that you cannot download directly on your mobile at that moment, or because you want to have the APK apart.

apk downloader

This is the web where through the application URL, obtained through the Play Store , we can download the corresponding APK. Of course, to prevent piracy we can only do it with free Evozi apps.

How Does Evozi Work?

The idea is very simple: copy Play store link in the application you want to download, and then let the paste Evozi service page In the field below Google Play Package name or URL And click Generate Download link.

Wait a few seconds (or minutes, depending on the size of the application), then after generating download link, click on the button Click here to download apk-name now (where name apk is application name you want to download). Simple.

Google Play Store allows us to download and install apps for our Android devices. The installation is direct so it does not allow us to access the apk file. Therefore, sometimes we may need the apk file. For example, when it appears that our device is not compatible. It can also help us to make backups of apps that will disappear.

There is a solution to download apk files from Google Play Store. APK Downloader is a page that allows us to download any apk from the app store just by sending the link to it.

Download APK files from Google Play other than directly from Google Play

With regard to downloading APK files from Google Play, what we will do is use the service offered by the Android application developer Evozi for free.

1. To do this, click on this link.

2. Then on this website, we enter the URL of any application that appears in the Google Play store.

3. Once this is done, we click on the “Generate Download Link” button.

4. The download of the APK file of the application that we have chosen to Evozi’s own servers will begin immediately.

5. Then a new button will appear that says “Click here to download (application name) now”, which we must press to start the download on our PC or on our device.

6. Once downloaded and introduced in the Android device, we just have to click on the APK file so that the application is installed on our computer.

It is important to mention that because the APK files are downloaded directly from Google Play, the chances of downloading an app with malware is almost nil. On the other hand, keep in mind that to avoid application piracy, Evozi only allows us to download free APK files from Google Play.