Exciting Prospects For The iPhone 5?

Part of the fun in looking at an upcoming iPhone product isn’t just trying to accurately guess what is going to be on the new phone or when it will be released, but rather exploring some of the more exciting rumours that could be found on this phone; and in this case the iPhone 5.

So what are some of the exciting prospects that we could see in the iPhone 5? These may not necessarily be the most plausible (or even accurate), but the ones that are the most fun to think about. One that is certainly worth looking at is the possibility of an all-glass model of the iPhone. By eliminating the borders around the screen and the back of the phone, you would essentially be holding a 3.5” screen of glass in your palm, something exciting to think about indeed. Some are even taking the full-glass idea even further by speculating that it will be made from an entirely transparent body, which will allow you to look inside and see the processor, battery and all the other hardware. While exciting, the likelihood of this being true is pretty small.

At CES 2011 one of the cooler products shown was an incredibly small film that laid on top of your iPhone to make it waterproof. From the naked eye, it would be impossible to see that it is on there and it saved the iPhone from pretty much everything less a complete submersion in water. Since it is pretty difficult to think of a downside to this being added to the iPhone, it would make sense to see Apple add it straight from the factory. It would be a move that would almost instantly put the company who thought of it out of business, but it would benefit owners of the iPhone 5 enormously.