Gorilla Glass 2 and wireless charging for the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 Wireless charging

Could Apple really pull off wireless charging capabilities for it’s highly anticipated iPhone 5? Rumours have suggested that Apple may do just that; release wireless charging capabilities for the iPhone 5. It’s highly likely that Apple will go the Powermat strategy and have a built-in charging receiver with a mat which is hopefully included with the iPhone 5. The mat will be plugged into the wall socket and supply energy via the charging receiver.

Judging from the example picture, the case which the iPhone 5 will be placed in is damn right ugly. It’s hoped that Apple won’t force iPhone 5 users to wear the ugly case, instead of having the charging capabilities built into the device. But will this increase the cost of the iPhone 5 so greatly it won’t even be considered? That is for Apple to decide.

iPhone 5 will have Gorilla Glass 2

Reports claim that Apple has been putting “glass and ceramic rear shells” for the iPhone 5 on trial. But with the recent release of the Gorilla Glass 2 made by Corning, unveiled at the CES 2012, reports have said Apple is likely to stick with the Gorilla Glass technology as they have been successful in the past using it. The report also claimed that Apple will be following suit, increasing the size of the iPhone 5 to match the Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The new Gorilla Glass 2 will be thinner and stronger than previous models thus meaning it will be more durable and harder to crack from careless drops. It is also likely that Apple will go for the all-round glass design instead of a back made out of plastic like the Samsung Galaxy S3. Though it may make the iPhone 5 heavier, it doesn’t really cause too much of an issue.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the iPhone 5!