iPhone 5 Rumors: What are Some of the Possibilities?

Just like any previous iPhone, there is certainly no shortage of rumours going around that have to do with the upcoming iPhone. With the iPhone 5 being one of the most anticipated consumer electronic devices for this year, it is only natural that some people are going to try and guess what Apple will be putting on the next iPhone.

The possibility of a thinner chassis for the next iPhone is certainly an exciting prospect to think about. If there is one thing that Apple has seemed to have ignored with their updates for the iPhone is changing the physical design of the phone. Some would say this is because Apple prefers a minimal design for their products, but most would agree that a little bit of an update for the iPhone design would be a nice change of pace.
Although on the Apple website Apple proudly boasts that their current iPhone (the 4S) has an 8 MP camera, it isn’t actually all that impressive and wasn’t all that impressive even when it first came 6 months ago. Many people feel like the camera is falling behind on the iPhone in regards to the advancement a lot of its other hardware has made, and with the new iPhone, hopes are pretty high that we will be getting something that is a little bit more powerful. A good benchmark here would be the 12 MP camera that the Galaxy S3 is supposed to have, although we would hope that Apple would strive to do more than merely match its competitors.

Although there are plenty of other rumours out there from the iPhone rumour mill, a lot of them we have already discussed at some length, like the possibility of the iPhone 5 having LTE technology and of course the whether or not we are going to be seeing a quad-core processor for it.